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Series Spotlight--The Four Kingdoms

Ever in the mood where you just need some sweet pretty stories without too much intensity but enough interest to keep you invested? Not too long ago, I was in a reading drought...just couldn't find wholesome books to enjoy...I wanted something nice, not dark or depressing. And lo and behold, I discovered a new favorite author--Melanie Cellier.

No doubt the covers were what caught my attention. I mean.


So pretty. Flowers, dresses, arches, lighting, much love.

But a book can have a pretty exterior and not have much going on in the inside...I'm happy to report such is not the case for these stories! These delightful books are a fine weaving of good writing, fairy tale twists, interesting characters, sweet romance, some drama and actions, cute humor, and satisfying endings. Perfect for girls of all ages, I'd say!

Probably most impressive is the way the author handles her large cast of royals across the kingdoms in a way the invested reader can keep track. Both of her series are connected so the world only gets bigger.

And her latest release has my FAVORITE COVER YET.

-gazes forever with sparkly eyes-

Have any of you tried her books yet? Which is your favorite? Mine is The Princess Search!

Also, if you missed my interview with Melanie Cellier, be sure to check it out!

Add her books on Goodreads or buy them on Amazon!

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Jill Harrison Stengl
Jill Harrison Stengl
Oct 27, 2018

My favorite so far is The Princess Fugitive, but I still have her two newest left to read!


H. S. J. Williams
H. S. J. Williams
Oct 25, 2018

I'm sure you would enjoy them, Sarah! :D


Sarah Pennington
Sarah Pennington
Oct 23, 2018

Ooooh, these look awesome. I'll have to investigate them! Thanks for sharing!

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