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2023 In Review

Hello, Fair Ones! We have come to it at last. The end of the year. And I'm going to say that super common thing and remark how it doesn't feel that long since last year's end. With that obligatory acknowledgment out of the way, I now go on to the obligatory review of the year. But all jokes aside, I really do appreciate taking a moment to step back and see what God has done. I can too easily dismiss the year as too fast or too unproductive, and forget to remember what HAS happened.

So, let's take a glance.

COLLUSION'S DRAFT WAS FINISHED. Clocking in over 115k words, I finally got 'er done. I've read it aloud twice now to my family, each time remembering how much I love the story, and how I can't wait to share it with all of you.

Crown of Sand and Sea's Illustrations are Finished! Its been a very meager year in terms of art for me, but I have had some good moments, and that included finishing these illustrations for the physical edition! (more on that below)

Moonscript Audiobook

Sadly, as my backers know, we had to cancel the Moonscript Audiobook Project as the platform we were producing it on set a time limit on when it needed to be completed and that deadline was unable to be met. I have been working on refunding all the backers before I made this announcement, and so far I have managed to refund all but one who I'm having trouble contacting. I'll be doing an official apology on my Instagram and newsletter once I have finally completed all the refunds.

I Spoke at a Young Writer's Conference!

This was probably the biggest "wow" moment of the year, and I still look back at it with incredulity and thankfulness. It was an amazing conference to be invited to, to speak alongside greats such as Bryan Davis and Kara Swanson, and to be around such talented and wonderful young writers! I even got to dress up as Errance on the cosplay day. (The Daisha got lots and lots of compliments, and it all went straight to her head.)

Me, Personally.

Life other than writing and art has been quite busy, but blessed! I got to see Shen Yun again, attended my first Renn Fair, wore fun costumes, enjoyed great games, and spent lots of wonderful time with friends and family! There's been plenty of things to overcome and endure, as well, but God is always with us. I finally made the step to start a new career, and this autumn I took an accelerated program to become a dental assistant! Going back into school was actually quite a bit of fun thanks to the great teacher and class, and I'm excited to see what develops in the future!


I want to publish Collusion in the Fall of 2024. We'll see, I am too nervous to put down a date for pre-order yet until I get a few more things accomplished, but I'm hoping.

I plan on publishing Crown of Sand & Sea in paperback with the illustrations! And with that, my friends, I bid you and 2023 farewell! May we meet again on the morrow, as the new year dawns!

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