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Educate. Liberate. Facilitate.

In MOONSCRIPT and in stories ahead, the characters deal with bondage to great darkness and those bright few who seek to lead others to freedom.


That darkness is real in our own world, taking a similar form. The people who fight it are real too. Like Coren and Zizain, there are ministries reaching out to the needy on the streets or rescuing the hopeless from slavery.

But such ministries need awareness, prayer, and financial support. Please consider looking into a ministry for the hurting that you can support, whether from this list or elsewhere.

Samaritan's Purse

Providing relief, resources, and redemption for disaster or poverty stricken areas. 

Hagar International

Rescuing, healing, and empowering women and children survivors of slavery and abuse in violent regions such as Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Singapore.

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