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Releases to Cheer about!

Man, is it ever the month for babies and books to be born! I shared about one book release it's time to share about TWO other books that I can't wait to read!

First up, feast your eyes on THIS.

Her destiny is decided — but betrayal breaks even the best-laid plans.

Baili, the princess of the Kingdom of Seven Rivers, has always known what her future holds. Declared the fairest of all by the fabled Dragonglass, she is destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy and unite her homeland with its long-time enemy, the Kingdom of Three Peaks. And in doing so, she may save her country from death and ruin.

In order to fulfill her destiny, Baili must travel to the Kingdom of Three Peaks and marry its prince, Liu Xiang. But all Baili's plans and expectations are turned upside-down when her servants and soldiers, acting on her stepmother's orders, turn against her on the road. Baili narrowly escapes with her life, but she's left alone and adrift among strangers.

Fortunately, Baili finds refuge in the home of seven animal keepers: servants and slaves to the emperor of Three Peaks. Yet time is running out. Her servants' rebellion was only a small part of a much larger plot. Within weeks, her stepmother plans to unite the two kingdoms, not by contract, but by conquest. Baili must reclaim her rightful place and unite not just two kingdoms but many peoples in order to stop the plan. And if she fails, two kingdoms will be plunged into ruin.

Sure to delight lovers of fantasy and fairy tales, this rich and magical Asian-inspired adventure combines Snow White and The Goose Girl in a way you've never seen before.

Next, the third installment in charming modern fairy tale series, Faraway Castle...behold the cover of The Rose and the Briar!

Power-hungry princes are Rosa's greatest dread.

Deep within the gardens of Faraway Castle sleeps a secret Rosa the gardener has sworn to protect with her life--the legendary princess Zafira. For three years she has hidden the princess almost in plain sight. But two nosy princes threaten to undo the work of a century.

When asked to take his sister's old job as Faraway Castle's Magical-Creature Controller, Prince Briar leaps at the chance to disguise himself as a commoner, earn a place in the magical world, and be trained by the mysterious Gamekeeper. Nothing works out the way he'd expected, and he is far too busy working to gain Rosa's trust to bother about uncovering her secrets.

Until dashing Prince Javier of Evora pursues Rosa . . . and Briar suspects the rival prince of dark motives. Can Rosa and Briar learn to trust each other soon enough to prevent a magical disaster?

Will the kiss of a prince really awaken true love?

Man, so many great books to catch up on! I'll try my best! ;D What are you currently reading and what's next on your list?

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1 Comment

Jill Harrison Stengl
Jill Harrison Stengl
Oct 27, 2018

Thank you for the shout-out, Hannah! And I've been wanting to read Sarah's book ever since the contest ended. :-D Now's my chance!

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