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MOONSCRIPT-The Creation of a Cover

Have you seen the cover for my upcoming release yet? If not, take a look! It is a beauty!

I always knew I wanted a beautiful, character-based cover for this story. And for a long time, I was determined I would be the artist to create it. I went through several versions all strongly featuring Tellie, my other main character, a young orphan girl (some of you might remember those cover concepts).

But recently I decided that was appealing to the wrong audience for the overall series as the next books feature adults as the main characters. So I straight up decided to focus entirely on Errance as he is the center of the story that all other characters revolve around.

Yet I wasn't at the level of skill I wanted for a front cover, so I found Salome @morgana0anagrom and commissioned her for a portrait of Errance. Just look at how MAGNIFICENT it is.

After that, I soon decided I wanted her to do the cover, and so sent her this concept. This messy, MESSY concept.

(SNERK, you can really tell how careful I was to make the lines clean *eyeroll*)

But being brilliant, Salome returned her take on the concept and we discussed alterations until we finally got the beautiful finished cover!

So there you have it! The story behind the cover!

MOONSCRIPT comes out May 7th, 2020. You can pre-order it now!

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2 commentaires

H. S. J. Williams
H. S. J. Williams
26 janv. 2020

@Kathleen: Of course!


Kathleen Margaret Schwab
Kathleen Margaret Schwab
25 janv. 2020

Could I use the images from this blog post as an example for a class I am putting together about illustrating? I teach homeschool students, and I am putting together just a session or two for the summer, bringing young artists and writers together to think, talk, practice illustrating works of fiction. I am working on a novel myself, and have commissioned a few illustrations as part of the process. I hope for another Golden Age of Illustration in the coming decade, with all the publishing tools available these days! I also think it would be wonderful to see some of these young artists exercise their skills and be on Fiverr as illustrators (that's where I found one of my…

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