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Favorite Reads of 2018

So strange thing...I actually didn't read a lot of books this year. Yes, it was a busy year, but also I just had such trouble finishing books...distracted, I guess. Nevertheless, those I did read were pretty good, so let me share my top five favorites!

The Princess Search by Melanie Cellier

I've been enjoying Cellier's books for a while now, but this is probably my favorite. A family of royal siblings going on a vacation (of sorts, it's more than that), with the main character being a talented seamstress who is the inspiration behind the princess's exquisite clothing.....there's something about that combination that makes it such a delight! It's definitely a journey-based book, but the locations are so colorful and vivid, and I had such fun. (Plus, I loved, loved, loved the clothes.)

Mark of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse

This was one of my Christmas presents and I literally read it on Christmas and finished the following day. Ever since I saw this cover, I WANTED to love it SO BADLY. And the happy thing is that I DID love it! The characters and world were enjoyable, and I thoroughly adore the plot and relationships. Bring on Book Two!!!

Empire of Talents 1-3 by Jordan Rivet

I'm going to include this amazing trilogy as one is so SOLID and good all the way through. The first book is probably still my favorite, but it delivered every round. The world of talents is very interesting, the characters lovable or fascinating...Book Two ended on a very upsetting note, but the ending of Book Three more or less redeemed everything. If you haven't looked into this series, MAKE HASTE and do so now. (Also, aren't those covers too delicious for words.)

Ellie and the Prince by J. M. Stengl

A very, very sweet and charming fairy tale! The world is fantastical with all kinds of magical creatures, but modern, which is fun once you get used to that. I especially enjoyed a side character prince who has his own book later on (and that book is on my shelf and waiting to be read).

The Traitor Prince by C. J. Redwine

This was my first book by C. J. Redwind and WOW. Talk about intense. I was instantly intrigued by the plot with a young man for the main hero (I mean, I like girls, but I actually prefer stories about guys--I dig them heroes.) And I loved the brave prince in this story....but I must admit that the star of this book WAS the girl. She was quite different from most females in stories, and I adored her for it. This book was quite violent and had some sad death in it that really made me sigh unhappily, but nevertheless, it was an epic and enjoyable venture.

So how about you, Fair Ones? What were your favorite reads of 2018? I'd love to know! :D

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H. S. J. Williams
H. S. J. Williams
Dec 28, 2018

I think you'd really enjoy Traitor Prince, Emmarayn! :D


Emmarayn Redding
Emmarayn Redding
Dec 28, 2018

The Traitor Prince sounds like a really cool book. I'll have to see if it's in my library. :) And I totally get what you mean-- there's something about a male hero that really enjoyable. I've found that although I usually have my main characters as girls, I write from the male perspective way more often throughout the story.

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