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Fairest Son Illustrations

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

When I decided to publish Fairest Son, I knew it must be illustrated. I miss the days when illustrations in books were expected. There are so many wonderful artists around today, and it is a shame not to see their brilliance in novels more. It is expensive, I know, but even a greyscale image is beautiful.

While I plan to illustrate some of my own books in the future, I wanted something different for this story. An art style that reflected its soul.

I've admired acclaimed artist, Irina Plachkova--better known as PhantomRin--for some time now, and worked with her on a few occasions, and her fabulous art was exactly what I was looking for. There's something about it...almost stained-glass...that is so unique, lorish, and fairy-tale. Plus, she's a fashion designer and the attire she draws.....I mean, wow.

The illustrations in the book are going to be greyscale (and they are stunning as such), but I wanted to share them in color here, up close and personal.

First, let me introduce my main character, the huntress Keeva.

I adore the ruggedness of her look...practical, warm, and tough. Her hand outstretched in searching.

And then the Seelie prince, Idris...

The summer setting, the grace and patience of his pose, the CLOTHES. DID I MENTION THE CLOTHES.

Not to mention that crown............or the scarf..........or the scarring. Or that crazy detailed leaf pattern.

Yes, Rin is brilliant, and so gracious and agreeable to work with! I can't express my appreciation to her enough for bringing these characters to life.

(c) 2018 Images copyright of H. S. J. Williams

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