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Coloring Contest!

It's time! I finally drew a coloring page for FAIREST SON!

On Facebook, I asked you which scene should be depicted, and the most popular vote was Idris and Keeva dancing in the forest. So here you are! And now, let us have a little contest, complete with prize!

Download for coloring contest

Color this page, send it to BY Feburary 10th, and you can win a $10 Amazon eGift Card!

If you're not in the USA, there is still the possibility that you can win the prize. Basically if your country's Amazon page HAS a Amazon eGift Card option, I should be able to send it as a prize! (Tested and confirmed for Canada's Amazon)

The winner will be chosen by random draw (1 entry per person, though a person can submit multiple colored pages if they so desire). So even if you don't feel like you're particularly skilled at coloring, you still have a chance to win! :D

Entry MUST be completely colored though (at least within the border). If only the characters are colored, it won't count for the prize, although I'll still share it. :)

All pages will be shown here and on my author facebook page on Feb 14th! (Yes, Valentine's Day, it is a romantic picture, is it not?) The winner will also be announced on the same day!

So coloring enthusiasts! Draw forth thy pencils! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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