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Book Review: Fairy Keeper by Amy Bearce

What’s this!? A previously unknown clean YA Fantasy series with a really fascinating faerie world and GORGEOUS covers? I’m so excited!

This is a world where humanity is misusing and draining magic—where fairy nectar is used as drugs, where unicorns age in stables, where merfolk are kept in chains.

Our heroine and her little sister fear their father, who is not a typical drunk father in most fantasy novels, but a recognized criminal—former Assassin, now Druglord. To save her little sister, our heroine must track down the missing fairy queens with the help of her best friend and arch nemesis, struggling with her own tendency towards ruthlessness and her lack of hope for a better future.

I’ve seen some refer to this series as upper middle-grade, but I really don’t agree with that. This is more like what YA USED to be, before it got drowned in darkness and sexuality. Yeah, our heroines and heroes are 14/15 but they have the maturity of today’s 17/18 year olds, and honestly that’s realistic to old time periods. Modern minds may not like the idea of teen marriages, but that’s just how it was in the olden days. You grew up fast and you died sooner.

Speaking of romance, I was worried early on that the book would bogged down by a love triangle, but it actually handles this with surprising maturity and examples of true friendship and character growth. THIS is what YA romance is supposed to be like...innocent, mysterious, frustrating, and sweet. Not the steamy, sexy junk handed out like free candy to kids these days.

Sure, there was a lot of moments in this book being resolved by “unexpected magical power” but hey, it was pretty darn interesting magical power.

Can’t wait to start the next book! Because merfolk! Mer-Boy!

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