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In a word? Stunning.

From the very beginning, it is crystal clear that the reader is in for a unique story. Its storytelling style is quite unlike anything I’ve read. I appreciated the “historical fragments” in between chapters that kept the reader on track rather being lost in the heroine’s confusions. I am usually frustrated when our main pov believes a bunch of lies, but it was well executed here.

The magic is also...vibrant and creative. Some of the most exquisite and ferocious magic I’ve ever seen. You know how Elsa’s snow powers are hinted to be so dangerous? Here we see an untamed, un-Disneycensored display of such devastating ability.

I adored the elves. I was really excited to hear there are elves in this story, elf slaves no less (because I love me a good fight for freedom story). And the elves here guess it...unique.

Honestly, I’m not what this author feeds her imagination on because her creativity is so original and so natural all at once.

Twists I wanted came to pass and other twists left me with a slack jaw.

So why didn’t I rate it above 4 stars? Well, because while I was deeply impressed, I was also at times a little disturbed. There is murder or threat of murder staining almost every page, the violence as exquisite as it is unsettling. So for that and for some bizarreness in the magic at the end, my enjoyment was a little dampened. But that was for me personally, the writing style and story execution is definitely 5 star worthy.

Just. Wow.

Also, i would like a sequel, cause Jack. More Jack, thank you.

Who would I recommend to this to? Fans of CJ Redwine, that’s for darn sure. Anyone who is a fan of the GRIM fairytales. Anyone who really wants to take their imagination and writing level up a notch.

Who I would caution: anyone who finds blood and violence really upsetting and prefer their fairytales fluffy.

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