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Blog Tour Schedule!

Good morning to you, fine folk!

Today starts off blog tour celebration of Fairest Son's release!

AND the e-books are on sale for the entire tour week, the 4th through the 11th! So if you haven't picked up your copy yet, hop on over! (PDF most recommended)

First stop of the tour...a book spotlight and review at the blog of my dear writing friend, Bryn! And onwards from there! Enjoy the fun ahead!

August 4th: Book Spotlight and Review with Bryn at

August 5th: ook Spotlight with Skye at

August 6th: Book spotlight with Jemma at Author interview with Sarah at

August 7th: Author Interview with Olivia at

August 8th: Book Spotlight with Amber at

Book Spotlight with Rebekah Gyger at

August 9th: Book Spotlight with Shantelle at

Book Spotlight with Laura at

Book Spotlight with Emmarayn at

August 10th:

Book Spotlight with Betsy at Character Spotlight with Jenelle at

August 11th

Author Interview with Beka at Character Spotlight with Kendra at

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