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Beast of the Night Cover Reveal

I have another cover reveal to share with you, Fair Ones! And this time, it is a cover I designed for E.E. Rawls!

I had such fun creating this, the concept and colors suggested delighted me. As you might have guessed, it IS a Beauty & the Beast retelling, gender-swap edition! It releases June 11th, but you can pre-order now!

A one-armed girl. A lord hiding a curse. A dark secret with the town's fate hanging in the balance.

A Beauty and the Beast retelling with an Austrian twist and a new type of curse.

When Rosen moves to Freudendorf—a secluded town in the Alps—she does odd jobs to earn a living. That is, until her dad suddenly vanishes and the debt collectors come to call: taking her into slave labor.

But just when all her hopes and dreams are shattered, a frail zombie-like butler purchases her: taking her to serve Lord Varick, who currently resides in the forbidden castle near the salt mines, where the Beast of the Night is said to roam…

Varick is handsome, with an attitude that’s the exact opposite. The servants aren’t human, and the castle itself is an ugly wreck. But if Rosen cannot solve the dark secret beneath Freudendorf, and the curse holding Varick's cold heart, then both they and the town will fall prey to a waiting evil—and worse, have no memory of it.

Doesn't that sound great???

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