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A New Year and My Next Book...

Happy New Year, Fair ones! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are beginning a wonderful new year!

So about a little question....

"Are you writing another book?"

'Tis the classic question asked by a fan to an author whose book they have just finished and enjoyed and found that they want more, but there is currently no more to be had.

And the answer is YES, I am writing another book, in fact I have been writing it for a long time....much, much, MUCH longer than Fairest Son. So here's some things you can know about it.

#1: It's not in the same world as Fairest Son. As far as I know, Fairest Son will remain a standalone; the story feels very complete to me.

#2: It's the first book in a series. This is mainly why it has taken me so long, because I have been planning and discovering the future books ahead. And the more I discover, the more I have to add or change to the first book.

#3: What is it about? It is the story of a road to redemption through color and shadow. It has elves, kids, smugglers, and a snarky, mammalian dragon-creature.

#4: What is it called?

It is called MOONSCRIPT.

#5: When is it going to come out???? goal for this year is to finish the latest draft and have it sent to an editor, while in the meantime working on interior illustrations and creating a plan for release and marketing. So I am aiming for an early 2020 release. *fingers crossed* In the meanwhile, I'll have more goodies and art to share about it later!

How about YOU? What are some plans you have for the upcoming year?

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